Complete beds after your measurements for boats and yachts. Whit or whitout innersprings in mattresses.

One of the most common used materials for mattresses is foam. Foam is available in different densities. You can choose between different foam densities or mix together different foams to get the mattress suitable for its user.

Innerspring mattresses

Spring mattresses are often used in beds at home. These mattresses are also available for boats and yachts. A spring mattress contains of a lot of spring and is a pleasure to sleep on. At Essma we only use stainless steel springs in our mattresses because they will be used in marine environments.

Visco-elastic mattresses

Visko-elastic foam also called memory foam, is a foam that shapes after your body. Theese foams are not suitable for tempereratures under normal room temperature.

Mattress pads
Essma can provide you also with mattress pads, taylor made for your beds.

Custom made beds and mattresses need often taylor made bedspreads to fit the bed in special way and to give a nice cover.

Bed sheets
Suitable bed sheets fits the bed and are custom made for every mattress .

Custom made pillows in different shape, colours and materials. Also available with embroidery (logos, names, numbers etc.)

Headboard is a board or panel in the head of the bed. With a headboard you can get a stylish bedroom onboard. Custom made after your measures to fit jour boat.